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Posted in personal, photography by Trey on June 3, 2009


David Hume | children’s ministry volunteer at Irving Bible Church

I recently shot a series of conceptual portraits for Irving Bible Church. They are in constant need of volunteers to help out with their kids programs and we came up with this idea of everyday heroes. I think the push to recruit new volunteers begins next month and I’m excited to see what they end up doing from a copy and layout perspective. You can see the whole series here.

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new I Am Second story online

Posted in campaign, filmmaking, i am second, photography, production stills by Trey on December 17, 2008

there’s a new I Am Second story up that I think is really, really powerful.


ashley. 2008.

it was her senior year of highschool and everyone in the town expected her to win the Miss Brokenbow pagent…


the birth of a photo assistant

Posted in personal, production stills by Trey on July 25, 2008

i’ve been working all week on images from this campaign that’s launching in the fall. as an aside, i’m not trying to be all secretive – i put up a few images and talked about the campaign on here a month or two ago and it didn’t go over well with the client. so, until it launches, i’m not talking about it by name.

anyway, we shoot a piece of the campaign on white cyc & while we wait on our subjects, my assistant (a great friend from college) keeps me entertained. the other day, i said, “hey Lan, go stand over there and make me laugh.”

he didn’t disappoint.

click the image, it looks better large.

thank you very much.

Posted in personal, production stills by Trey on June 27, 2008

well the test went off yesterday without too many hitches. once we got up & rolling it was a ton of fun. Jason, Robin, Mike & Lan – you are all very awesome. I really appreciate the help & I’m excited about what we got yesterday! also, a big thanks to Zack Arias who was a tremendous help without even knowing it.

if i can, i’ll post a link to all the great stuff we got as soon as they’re online.

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a tribute to Mr. Arias; props to him