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one year later

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“Then the LORD said to Moses, “See, I have chosen Bezalel son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, and I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts – to make artistic designs… and to engage in all kinds of craftsmanship.”

-Exodus 31:1-5

tomorrow marks one year of my involvement with I Am Second and the first person i shot for the campaign was Jason Castro. i remember being pretty nervous.

i had pitched the idea of shooting production stills to use as additional content on, but the folks at E3 knew they would need studio portraits for the print & outdoor efforts, so they asked me to try my hand at those as well. at the time, studio photography wasn’t something that i had a ton of experience with – which was the root cause of 97% of my nervousness.

here’s that first image:


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Selena Gomez

Posted in campaign, celebrity, commercial, photography, production stills, tear sheets by Trey on June 1, 2009

i mentioned, back in January, a photo shoot i did with Selena Gomez for Borden milk. the campaign launched recently and i just received some of the final artwork.


Local, Fresh, Delecious

Agency: Marchman Associates

Creative: Sam Ditore, Scott Mayo, Kevin Shivers & Taryn Owen

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one of my images finds a pretty cool home

Posted in celebrity, tear sheets by Trey on July 31, 2008

a while back i had the opportunity to photograph a very popular American Idol Jason Castro for that campaign that launches this fall I Am Second. well, he’s decided to use one of the behind-the-scenes images from that session as the placeholder on his website.

he wanted a design that really captured his laid back, new hippie persona. i think Kevin’s design smashed it out of the park; setting the whole thing in a weathered vinyl record sleeve was pure genius.

give the link above a click and get a better look and, hey, if you’re a fan sign up for his mailing list.

quick trip to NASCAR country

Posted in celebrity, travel diary by Trey on July 28, 2008

Sam and I flew to Charlotte today to shoot Joe Gibbs at his racing teams facility.


Now, I’m not a huge NASCAR fan, but, as a car guy, there was something pretty magical about walking through their shop. I didn’t count how many cars I saw but around every corner there were fully built cars and bare metal chassis, fresh rubber and scuffs, transmissions and exhaust systems. It was awesome.

The shoot went well; although things weren’t the same without Scott and Lan. We had just over an hour with coach Gibbs and he stood on my set for less than five minutes, but they were a good five minutes – again, I can’t wait until this campaign launches so I can share some of the neat things I’ve had the privelidge to photograph.

bottle rockets

Posted in personal by Trey on July 6, 2008

hope you had a great holiday weekend. my stunning bride and I decided we really like having the 4th on a Friday; three-day weekends are just awesome. the weekend was jam packed with good people and great food. we spent Friday with my friend Scott’s family & the rest of the DME crew out at the Mayo Ranch in Athens.

one word – spectacular.

beyond the levee.


making pictures & telling stories in Canada

Posted in filmmaking, production stills by Trey on May 22, 2008

as i mentioned in an earlier post, i spent a week in Canada doing some custom photography for a production chemical company. same deal, basically as the Houston trip – i was alongside two good friends that were working on a brand film for the company.

you mix production gear with great scenery and you pretty much end up with a glut of production stills; showing some restraint was difficult, for sure.

scott & bob up on a ladder*.


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how one week turned into two

Posted in filmmaking, personal by Trey on May 13, 2008

well, my trip to Canada went off (nearly) flawlessly. it was a great time & you can see some of my travels in the post before this one. i just started going through the images yesterday… i couldn’t be more pleased and only hope that Multi-Chem feels the same way.

as an aside, here is one of the amazing things i got to stare at on my trip.

i’ve done very little processing to this image, actually. i can’t wait to find some time to revisit it (and the couple hundred others) for more than a few minutes.

as beautiful as it was up there, coming home was even better. i’ve never felt so loved as when my family pulled in the driveway minutes after i got home; Brendan hasn’t stopped needing daddy.

last week, i finally began editing a documentary that i’ve been waiting on since the fall. i’m not sure i truly appreciated the emotional scope & power of this story until the producer (Eric Geadelmann) and i really dug into it. working on a story would have been fantastic, but to work on this story is indescribable.

i’m not sure how much i can\should share about the project at this point, but when the time is right, i’ll share more.

some production stills

Posted in personal, production stills by Trey on April 8, 2008

week before last i was hired to do some photograpy alongside a video crew for a production chemical company out of Houston. between setups I would hunt and pick for photo opportunities and in the process fell back in love with on-set photography. there’s something about a production still that really grabs me.

three books and a stick of gum puts the camera in the perfect spot. no joke about the gum.


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