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the world is exploding

Posted in personal by Trey on September 9, 2009

toward the end of last month i was in Houston (or Boyd or Princeton or Dallas or in the office in my house in the suburbs just north of Dallas) with a to-do list too long to actually get all things done when it occurred to me that i hadn’t blogged in a month.

i have excuses. we all have excuses. but i came across something today that stopped me in my tracks and forced my hand.

sometimes we’re left without an excuse.

for what it’s worth, i believe that that Maria Kalman was right about the 19th century:


and the thing is – it was exploding with inventiveness and they hadn’t even gotten to the automobile or the airplane or open heart surgery or cloned sheep or broadcast or video or the internet or twitter or video on twitter. i sincerely believe that the world is – today as in 1838 – exploding with inventiveness.



St. John Baptist Church

Posted in documentary, personal, photography by Trey on July 20, 2009

The story, as I understand it, goes something like this:

The city was threatening to condemn an historic old church just south of downtown Carrollton. The ninety something year old building required tens of thousands of dollars in repairs to bring it up to code and to make matters worse, the church was strapped for cash. Believing that The Church was an idea bigger than a building, they began making phone calls to other area churches to see if anyone would lend a hand in saving one of the oldest African American congregations in the DFW area.

The Church answered the call.


This past Saturday, the faithful of St. John (and the hundreds of volunteers who helped save it) received a tremendous piece of encouragement for all the sweat & prayers they offered in the name of helping a neighbor in need. The city of Carrollton honored them with an historical marker. It may not sound like much, but it was clear to me as I stood among those gathered for the early morning ceremony that the gesture was one of the highest moments in the congregations 117 year history. It was an incredible honor to be there to witness a quiet piece of history unfold and celebrate with The Church a triumph of unity.


You can read the full story of the history of St. John at their newly launched website and see more images after the jump.


follow me

Posted in personal by Trey on June 5, 2009

i’m a reluctant covert… but, i’m on twitter & you can follow me here.



Posted in personal, photography by Trey on June 3, 2009


David Hume | children’s ministry volunteer at Irving Bible Church

I recently shot a series of conceptual portraits for Irving Bible Church. They are in constant need of volunteers to help out with their kids programs and we came up with this idea of everyday heroes. I think the push to recruit new volunteers begins next month and I’m excited to see what they end up doing from a copy and layout perspective. You can see the whole series here.

more after the jump


Posted in commercial, personal, photography, story by Trey on May 29, 2009

i’ve learned one very valuable lesson while documenting the renovation of Royal Oaks Country Club, construction is messy. very, very messy.


workers put the finishing touches on the pool area at Royal Oaks, which opened memorial day weekend.

as i mentioned when i last wrote, which seems like eons ago, i’ve been hard at work finalizing the redesign of my website in-between various shooting assignments. i’m happy to report that my good friend and Dallas most talented interactive marketer has begun the blah, blah that is required to turn photoshop files into web wonderment. and i’m really excited. but i also know that the road ahead will be messy, full of unexpected disasters creative challenges and will probably take me right up to the wire (i have a loose & self imposed late summer, like, late August, early September) goal.

fingers crossed.

i should be blogging more. i have a ton of new work to show, recently launched two personal projects and have written an article for COLLIDE that should be going to print soon. so check back soon & often.

not suited to round holes

Posted in personal, photography, scape by Trey on March 26, 2009

i’m excited to announce that i’ve uploaded several new images into my personal collection & am having a small sale to celebrate. from now until next Tuesday (March 31st) anyone who purchases a square print (one of the three below) will receive a free print.


here’s how it works:

1. purchase a square print – 5×5, 8×8, 10×10 or 20×20

2. at checkout, put a note in the comments with the name of the image you would like

3. the size of your free print will be related to the size of the print you purchase (if you’d prefer a smaller size, please note the size you’d like along with the name)

5×5 (4×6)

8×8 (6×9 or smaller)

10×10 (8×12 or smaller)

20×20 (16×24 or smaller)

like i said, there are several new images in the store, so even if one of the three above doesn’t tickle your fancy there might be something new that does. take a minute and check-a-check-a-check it out yo.

square root day

Posted in personal, photography by Trey on March 3, 2009

that’s right people… today is March 3rd, 2009, which means the calendar is paying tribute to a tremendous number and U2 is releasing an album in my honor… well, maybe that last part is a bit of coincidence.


in honor of what is essentially a bright and wonderous flash on our calendar, i’m announcing something new – and having a sale! i would like to wish you all a very, incredibly happy square root (of nine) day. so, get on your boots and celebrate with me.


Get On Your Boots

Posted in personal, photography, random by Trey on January 20, 2009

I haven’t had a ton of time but have several blog posts that need to happen. However, all have been preempted to bring you this very, very special announcement.

I just received an email from my friend Ben about the newest U2 single – Get On Your Boots. Have a listen for yourself and any critique I may have isn’t relevant because I am completely biased. It meets two very fundamental criteria for my enjoyment scale to topple: it is U2 and it is new. What more do you need?


On a photography related note, the album’s cover image is from Hiroshi Sugimoto, an amazing Japanese photographer. I first came across his work via a series of images he made in beautiful old movie theaters. He would open the shutter on the first frame of the film and close it when the movie was finished – roughly speaking, these were two hour exposures and they are stunning. The cover image is equally beautiful and I must have tapped into my inner profit when first posting about the new album.

The resembelance is striking.

back from the break

Posted in personal, photography, random by Trey on January 5, 2009

hello 2009.

the holidays, like all of last year, seemed to fly by. i made a valiant effort to not work over the last two weeks; that was, for the most part, successful. it’s surprisingly hard to not work. and even harder to get back to it.

so before i dive into my backlog of emails and images, i thought i’d throw out two things that i did do. before the break, i photographed my son’s hockey team. two words: freaking cute. that’s my son Brendan on the bottom right.


you can see the whole lot of them here. his team is loaded with talent, so, look long and hard, this is the future of the NHL.

and just because i didn’t work, doesn’t mean i didn’t shoot. i actually reconnected with my love of shooting just to shoot (the new gear could be responisble for this) and had a great time pointing my camera at my personal world. here’s a look at my last two weeks in 36 frames.

you’ll have to click the jump to see it.



Posted in 15x100, personal, photography, random by Trey on January 2, 2009


today came the confirmation of some sad news I had heard a rumor of on New Years Eve.

as a long time contributor, i’m particularly saddened. it was a consistently great collection of images – many of which challenged me to do better at what i do. if you were\are a member of the community, take a minute to visit and let your voice be heard. also, feel free to control click (right click on a PC) the image above to use on your own website or blog.

picked up the new Nikkor 50mm 1.4g

Posted in gear, personal, photography, random, tests by Trey on December 30, 2008

and, let me start by saying it is an absolutely stunning lens.


i spent about 20 or 30 minutes this evening shooting a few frames. i didn’t really put Nikkor’s newest wide aperture prime lens through it’s paces. and seeing how this is a space for images and not techno babble, even when i have, don’t hold your breath waiting for me to write about it.

as an aside, i am a big believer that the image is more important than the gear. sure, better gear helps, but i’ve spent the better part of the last several years making images i’m proud of with antiquated tools. does that mean i’m not super pumped about my new D300 or this new lens? no.

it simply means i’ll spare you all the geekery. i do have a few thoughts, though, and if you’re into that, follow the jump.


merry Christmas

Posted in kids, personal by Trey on December 22, 2008

my son received the grand honor of having his art featured on the cover of his school’s Christmas program; i was incredibly proud.


there’s joseph & mary (bottom right), baby jesus, the snow flake & candy cane’s, of course and that puzzling square atop the cross. when i asked him about it he said “it’s that sign they put above Jesus when he was on the cross, like in my bible.”

you know the one. it said, this is Jesus, king of the Jews.

i came across this quote last year from Bono about this Jesus, this king of the Jews. he was sitting in St. Patrick’s in Dublin on Christmas Eve, stuck in a seat behind a pillar sturggling to stay awake. and it hits him, as if he’s hearing the Christmas story for the first time –

“The idea that God, if there is a force of Logic and Love in the universe, that it would seek to explain itself is amazing enough. That it would seek to explain itself and describe itself by becoming a child born in straw poverty, in shit and straw…a child… I just thought: “Wow!” Just the poetry … Unknowable love, unknowable power, describes itself as the most vulnerable. There it was. I was sitting there, and it’s not that it hadn’t struck me before, but tears came streaming down my face, and I saw the genius of this, utter genius of picking a particular point in time and deciding to turn on this.”

From Bono: in conversation (New York: Riverhead Books, 2005), 124-5. (HT: JD)

I hope your Christmas brings you all the wonder and poetry that the Christ child, the one born into our impoverished world to take away every iniquity and injustice, was meant to bring. Merry Christmas.

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there’s a new U2 album on the way

Posted in campaign, celebrity, couples, events, families, personal, photography, random, Uncategorized by Trey on December 20, 2008

…and, according to the Edge, it’s tentatively titled No Line On The Horizon and it’s due out Monday, March 2nd (thanks JD). also, if you are really hard core, take a trip here to catch a sneak listen of two of the tracks. the quality isn’t that great, but it sure got me excited.


the edge. 25 nov 2001                                                                     untitled. lake conroe. 24 may 2008.

polaroid kids

Posted in kids, personal, photography, random by Trey on December 20, 2008