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production stills

Posted in celebrity, commercial, documentary, portfolio, production stills by Trey on July 9, 2009

i put together a new PDF book of my production still work. of all the things i shoot, i think production stills are dang near the top of the heap of things i adore. i love the collaborative process that is film making, the energy of a well run set and the way everything looks under the careful craftsmanship of a great DP.


please take a minute to download the PDF (6.1mb). more after the jump


one year later

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“Then the LORD said to Moses, “See, I have chosen Bezalel son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah, and I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts – to make artistic designs… and to engage in all kinds of craftsmanship.”

-Exodus 31:1-5

tomorrow marks one year of my involvement with I Am Second and the first person i shot for the campaign was Jason Castro. i remember being pretty nervous.

i had pitched the idea of shooting production stills to use as additional content on, but the folks at E3 knew they would need studio portraits for the print & outdoor efforts, so they asked me to try my hand at those as well. at the time, studio photography wasn’t something that i had a ton of experience with – which was the root cause of 97% of my nervousness.

here’s that first image:


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Selena Gomez

Posted in campaign, celebrity, commercial, photography, production stills, tear sheets by Trey on June 1, 2009

i mentioned, back in January, a photo shoot i did with Selena Gomez for Borden milk. the campaign launched recently and i just received some of the final artwork.


Local, Fresh, Delecious

Agency: Marchman Associates

Creative: Sam Ditore, Scott Mayo, Kevin Shivers & Taryn Owen

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My Book

Posted in celebrity, commercial, photography, portfolio by Trey on April 30, 2009

I’ve been hard at work finishing up all my promotional materials, including doing all the initial design work on the redesign of my new website – which I hope is getting close. It’s been a great experience to dream about where I want to go as a photographer and think, in practical terms, about the best way to get there.

One of the items I’ve really put a ton of time and energy behind is my book. I don’t feel like my current portfolio really does a good enough job of showcasing my storytelling abilities. And since that is where I see myself heading, I really wanted a tangible something to put in people’s hands (or inboxes) that showed that side of my work.


When it came to layout & the purpose behind the piece, I set a few pretty straightforward goals for myself:

Let the images do all the work. No sense trying to be a visual communicator if you can’t say what needs to be said without words. Turns out this is hard for a person who spent the first two-thirds of his life dreaming about being a writer.

Include a few story lines. If you’re going to say “I’m a storyteller” you have to have a few stories to tell. So, this goal was as much about mining my work for the strongest examples of story as it was about not overdoing it.

Make story-like connections between unrelated things. This is one of those ideas that I’ve been obsessed with for quite a long time. I like finding commonality in seemingly unrelated scenes. It’s really fun to put a couple of images together and see what happens.

You can download my book by clicking on one of the follow links: choose the large version if you want something big, but if you’re on a slow internet connection or want to email it to someone, choose the small version.

There are a few spreads from the book after the jump.


Denver & Ron

Posted in celebrity, photography by Trey on April 2, 2009

“The truth about it is, whether we is rich or poor or something in between, this earth ain’t no final restin place. So in a way, we is all homeless – just workin our way toward home.”

– Denver Moore


Denver & Ron

for the last 53 weeks, same kind of different as me has been on the NYT bestseller list (holding down the 12 spot at this writing). earlier today, i had the great privilege of making portraits of the book’s authors – Ron Hall & Denver Moore. their story is worth reading and i hope it changes the way you see (and live in) the world around you.

COLLIDE magazine

Posted in campaign, celebrity, i am second, tear sheets by Trey on March 3, 2009

We began shooting for I Am Second again today. Being around the stories, looking through the lens, getting a glimpse into God’s great big beautiful revolution was as we last left it – completely humbling. I’m excited about what is in store for us and for the movement this year. Adam, our creative director showed me some print stuff he’s working on that is next level sick, Scott was blowing my mind with some of the ways he’s evolving the visuals in the films. And then there were the stories…

Speaking of the stories, COLLIDE magazine is running a feature story on the story behind the stories of I Am Second in their March\April issue – soon to be on newsstands. The entire creative team was interviewed for the piece and Daniel Darnell did an outstanding job of putting the story together. He sent over an advance PDF to me about a week and a half ago & I think it’s a really great piece of design as well. Here are a few tears:


Be on the lookout for it and pick up a copy. It’s a pretty great read & quite pretty to look at.


turns out you can’t pick COLLIDE up on newstands at this point, however the super awesome people at the magazine will gladly sell you a single issue for only $5. just send them a note here. i just recieved my copy today & i have to say it looks even better in print, so it will be a well spent 5-spot and much better for your soul and waistline than a comparably priced Starbucks coffee drink.

game time

Posted in celebrity, commercial, photography, sports, story by Trey on February 26, 2009

several weeks ago, i mentioned a job the Dallas Stars hired me for & now that the finished product* is online & hitting mailboxes, i figured it was time to revisit the experience.


fan shop paraphernalia | the great Razor Reaugh goes over his game notes as the players arrive.

over two different evenings, i was given an amazing level of access to the team & the building – which is something i can’t take any credit for. Colin & John, the two people who should be atop your “people i wish i knew at the Dallas Stars” list, did a tremendous job of making everything i asked for a reality. i was apparently the first photographer allowed up into the rafters (during play) in 5 years – for any sport. they got me into the locker room as the guys got ready. i practically stood on the bench for most of one period.

all of this allowed me to see and show the game in a really unique way and i walked away having learned a few things about a sport i love a ton.

follow the jump for more images.


the way in

Posted in celebrity, inspiration, photography by Trey on February 11, 2009

“I’m more interested in a photography that is ‘unfinished’ – a photography that is suggestive and can trigger a conversation or dialogue. There are pictures that are closed, finished, to which there is no way in.”

– Paolo Pellegrin

I came across a truly brilliant portfolio of images that Paolo Pellegrin did for the New York Times. And when I say truly brilliant, I am not speaking in my typical tone of hyperbole.


The images not only represent access – both physical access, into the homes and lives of these people, and emotional access, revealing the unfinished bits in the private worlds of public people – but the presentation that the NYT has used is outstanding – the images are big and nothing about the site distracts from the image. I particularly liked the insight that Lynn Hirschberg adds in the commentaries.

And then there’s the edit; this is the part of photography that really sets the great stuff apart from the rest. I have to think that for each of the 8 subjects there are dozens of breathtaking images and yet, they’ve found a way to pare down each story to its essence, leaving you completely satisfied with what you’ve experienced.

There are a few of my favorites after the jump.


annie’s magic

Posted in celebrity, inspiration, photography by Trey on February 5, 2009

so, yesterday i quoted her; today i simply defer.

i have to say, that i am absolutely enamored by these portraits – both the simplicity of the sets & the nonchalance of posture. flip through them all here; they are amazing.


Danny Boyle & Dev Patel, Slumdog Millionaire by Annie Leibovitz


Posted in celebrity, graduates by Trey on January 27, 2009

so, the last couple weeks have been amazing. and amazingly busy, which is, in and of itself, pretty dang amazing.

outside of the Dallas Stars gig (did i mention how amazing that was?), i’ve been working on a very cool project documenting the renovation of one of Dallas’ most storied country clubs. i’m in the first of about fifteen months on that, but so far it’s been a very fun thing to be a part of. look for images from that project early next week.

and then there are the two amazingly talented teenagers i had the opportunity to spend some time with. this weekend i had the opportunity to photograph Selena Gomez, a Dallas girl done good. she got her start as an actress on Barney and is now the newest Disney star. my family was able to visit the set on Sunday and i think my son got his first crush. he and Sarah have watched her movie, Another Cinderella Story, every day since – and I don’t think he’s watching for the story. it’s pretty cute. again, hopeful i can post some of those images soon as well.

and, as fun as that was, there was actually a shoot that topped it.

last wednesday i spent a few hours up in Denton with Lauren. not only is she totally adorable, she’s a natural in front of the camera. we did the session for Lauren’s senior portraits and, to date, i’d be hard pressed to think of a session that was more fun. here are nine images from the afternoon – and narrowing the 750 images down to these nine was one of the harder tasks i’ve undertaken.



more after the jump.


while reading the paper

Posted in campaign, celebrity, commercial, i am second, photography, tear sheets by Trey on January 6, 2009

…this morning, i came across this:


and i just thought i’d get a great Heika article about Brett Hull’s creativity or some clever spin on the Sean Avery debacle.

i have a few thoughts about the ads, but i’ll keep those to myself. i think the photography looks good & i’m glad to see a web property like I Am Second being advertised online. it makes a lot of sense. i wonder if getting served three ads on a single article is strategy or coincidence?

there’s a new U2 album on the way

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…and, according to the Edge, it’s tentatively titled No Line On The Horizon and it’s due out Monday, March 2nd (thanks JD). also, if you are really hard core, take a trip here to catch a sneak listen of two of the tracks. the quality isn’t that great, but it sure got me excited.


the edge. 25 nov 2001                                                                     untitled. lake conroe. 24 may 2008.

I Am Second launches today

Posted in campaign, celebrity, commercial, i am second by Trey on December 2, 2008

oh boy do i have a massive backlog of blogging to do… but first, a current event.

since June, I’ve been working with some really incredible people on a project that i’m very proud to be a part of. i’ve blogged about it several times, but haven’t had the liberty of actually disclosing it’s official name. but, seeing as the billboards are up and the television spots are airing, it is a secret no more. take a few minutes and check out


brian welch, formerly of Korn

one freaking great night

Posted in celebrity, events, personal by Trey on October 20, 2008

a couple weeks ago, i had the great pleasure of producing the Dallas Stars Season Seat Holder event. twelve photographers, at 12 photo stations all around the American Airlines Center. now that everything has been delivered and the website i built is running smoothly, i thought i’d take a minute to share some of my favorite moments and images from the night.

my dude with Turco (35) & Stephan (31) by Stephen Dux

not only was it awesome for me to work with the greatest team in hockey (although struggling to show that greatness at the moment), it brought me almost tear inducing joy to watch Brendan as he stood next to Turco, chatted with Modano & Lehtinen and high fived Morrow. it was the kind of good that you have to use tonal languages to express.


hockey season

Posted in celebrity, events by Trey on October 9, 2008

i am a hockey fan; anyone who knows me can attest to that. so, when i got a call a couple of weeks ago from the Dallas Stars about an event they had coming up, i got very excited.

Mike Ribeiro by Scott Mayo

with the hockey season already underway (the NHL started earlier this week with a couple games in Europe) and my beloved Dallas Stars opening their season tomorrow, the team wanted to thank the season ticket holders. every year they do an event and this year’s was held at the American Airlines Center.