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Posted in celebrity, commercial, documentary, portfolio, production stills by Trey on July 9, 2009

i put together a new PDF book of my production still work. of all the things i shoot, i think production stills are dang near the top of the heap of things i adore. i love the collaborative process that is film making, the energy of a well run set and the way everything looks under the careful craftsmanship of a great DP.


please take a minute to download the PDF (6.1mb).




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  1. Scott said, on July 25, 2009 at 6:30 am

    Who new? Clearly I don’t frequent your site enough. This presentation is equally as spectacular as the photographs themselves. That B & W shot of the soundman (I’ll protect his name) reading the newspaper has vintage Time Life written all over it. Also, that moment where Selena is rockin out in her dressing room is going to be a gem someday. Why aren’t you on the set of Ridley’s Scott’s next flick?

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