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Posted in personal, photography by Trey on June 3, 2009


David Hume | children’s ministry volunteer at Irving Bible Church

I recently shot a series of conceptual portraits for Irving Bible Church. They are in constant need of volunteers to help out with their kids programs and we came up with this idea of everyday heroes. I think the push to recruit new volunteers begins next month and I’m excited to see what they end up doing from a copy and layout perspective. You can see the whole series here.

My wife & I have been attending IBC for the better part of the last nine years & have had our kids in their children’s ministry for almost six years. So, when the opportunity to give a little bit of time and energy to the church we love came up, I jumped. Actually, I have been doing quite a bit with the church recently, because I really believe that The Church (the big, universal Christian church) needs to be doing a better job of telling the story of Jesus’ love.

To be rather blunt, I think we mostly suck at it.

But, instead of sitting around moaning about how things aren’t as they should be, I’ve really tried to be more proactive in bringing about change. Actually, this is at the heart of that article I wrote for COLLIDE that should be coming out next month(ish). At IBC, I’ve started a collective of photographers to help share the burden of telling The Story and my hope is that this concept catches on at other churches across the country. Photographers are observers by nature, but my hope is that we would start to be an agent of change inside our local congregations by showing that Jesus is alive and well in the hearts and actions of those that follow him.


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