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2009 PDN annual

Posted in inspiration, photography by Trey on June 3, 2009

“There will be an emergence of “social thinking” and I think that this would be a great start in the right direction. Photography will play a very big part — as it has done so powerfully in the past — in the presentation of truth and the transformation of social and historical consciousness.

My intention as a photographer is to be a participant in this process.”

– Jeff Riedel

the new PDN photo annual is out. and it’s available online. and it’s superb.


photo by Dan Winters

the best photographs of the last year, from every imaginable discipline – advertising, editorial, photojournalism, sports, corporate and student work – as well as top portfolio sites, all in one place. it’s an inspirational goldmine. i found myself completely sucked in by the images in the editorial section – especially the work of Dan Winters, who I freaking love. I’m not sure there is a better editorial portrait photographer working today.

here are a few of the other images that really stood out to me.


photo by Rodney Smith


photo by Justin Stephens


photo by Afton Almaras/AP

but the standout work, in my opinion, was a photo essay on homelessness in New York entitled A Night on the Streets by Jeff Riedel, which originally appeared in New York Magazine and is this year’s Arnold Newman winner. there’s a great interview about the project & his work in general over on the ASMP website that is well worth the read. i can’t say it’s ever occurred to me to inject artificial light into social scenes, but i really apprecaite the approach he took with the essay and i’m drawn to the cinematic quality of the images.


photo by Jeff Riedel


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