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Posted in celebrity, graduates by Trey on January 27, 2009

so, the last couple weeks have been amazing. and amazingly busy, which is, in and of itself, pretty dang amazing.

outside of the Dallas Stars gig (did i mention how amazing that was?), i’ve been working on a very cool project documenting the renovation of one of Dallas’ most storied country clubs. i’m in the first of about fifteen months on that, but so far it’s been a very fun thing to be a part of. look for images from that project early next week.

and then there are the two amazingly talented teenagers i had the opportunity to spend some time with. this weekend i had the opportunity to photograph Selena Gomez, a Dallas girl done good. she got her start as an actress on Barney and is now the newest Disney star. my family was able to visit the set on Sunday and i think my son got his first crush. he and Sarah have watched her movie, Another Cinderella Story, every day since – and I don’t think he’s watching for the story. it’s pretty cute. again, hopeful i can post some of those images soon as well.

and, as fun as that was, there was actually a shoot that topped it.

last wednesday i spent a few hours up in Denton with Lauren. not only is she totally adorable, she’s a natural in front of the camera. we did the session for Lauren’s senior portraits and, to date, i’d be hard pressed to think of a session that was more fun. here are nine images from the afternoon – and narrowing the 750 images down to these nine was one of the harder tasks i’ve undertaken.



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Get On Your Boots

Posted in personal, photography, random by Trey on January 20, 2009

I haven’t had a ton of time but have several blog posts that need to happen. However, all have been preempted to bring you this very, very special announcement.

I just received an email from my friend Ben about the newest U2 single – Get On Your Boots. Have a listen for yourself and any critique I may have isn’t relevant because I am completely biased. It meets two very fundamental criteria for my enjoyment scale to topple: it is U2 and it is new. What more do you need?


On a photography related note, the album’s cover image is from Hiroshi Sugimoto, an amazing Japanese photographer. I first came across his work via a series of images he made in beautiful old movie theaters. He would open the shutter on the first frame of the film and close it when the movie was finished – roughly speaking, these were two hour exposures and they are stunning. The cover image is equally beautiful and I must have tapped into my inner profit when first posting about the new album.

The resembelance is striking.

into the rafters we went

Posted in commercial, outtakes, photography by Trey on January 14, 2009

on Monday i got a call from the Dallas Stars to come and shoot the game against the Detroit Red Wings for some promotional material they are putting together. thankfully, they didn’t want me to shoot like a sports photographer, which i am not. they wanted me to find the things that were going on away from the puck and off the ice. it was an AWESOME night, that took me from the belly of the arena into the rafters to see my favorite game in a really unique way.

and your Dallas Stars did an awesome job of taking everyone in the arena on a similar journey.

the hated Wing entered the game on a six game winning streak and it seemed impossible to think that the captain-less Stars and their young blue line could do anything to keep a repeat of the 6-1 beat down of just a few nights earlier from happening again. the picture looked even more bleak when the Stars gave up two early goals. however, they faught, kicked and clawed their way back and tied it up in the final three minutes of the third.

it took the extra period to do it, but the Stars put together an awesome victory. i wasn’t able to appreciate what was happening on the ice as much as i would have liked – but, i did come home with some images i’m really proud of.

here are a few of the outtakes that i really like.


while reading the paper

Posted in campaign, celebrity, commercial, i am second, photography, tear sheets by Trey on January 6, 2009

…this morning, i came across this:


and i just thought i’d get a great Heika article about Brett Hull’s creativity or some clever spin on the Sean Avery debacle.

i have a few thoughts about the ads, but i’ll keep those to myself. i think the photography looks good & i’m glad to see a web property like I Am Second being advertised online. it makes a lot of sense. i wonder if getting served three ads on a single article is strategy or coincidence?

back from the break

Posted in personal, photography, random by Trey on January 5, 2009

hello 2009.

the holidays, like all of last year, seemed to fly by. i made a valiant effort to not work over the last two weeks; that was, for the most part, successful. it’s surprisingly hard to not work. and even harder to get back to it.

so before i dive into my backlog of emails and images, i thought i’d throw out two things that i did do. before the break, i photographed my son’s hockey team. two words: freaking cute.┬áthat’s my son Brendan on the bottom right.


you can see the whole lot of them here. his team is loaded with talent, so, look long and hard, this is the future of the NHL.

and just because i didn’t work, doesn’t mean i didn’t shoot. i actually reconnected with my love of shooting just to shoot (the new gear could be responisble for this) and had a great time pointing my camera at my personal world. here’s a look at my last two weeks in 36 frames.

you’ll have to click the jump to see it.



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today came the confirmation of some sad news I had heard a rumor of on New Years Eve.

as a long time contributor, i’m particularly saddened. it was a consistently great collection of images – many of which challenged me to do better at what i do. if you were\are a member of the community, take a minute to visit and let your voice be heard. also, feel free to control click (right click on a PC) the image above to use on your own website or blog.