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Posted in families, kids, photography by Trey on December 18, 2008

it’s commissioned portrait time & i’ve been going non-stop trying to get everything that’s been shot processed and delivered. the pace has been rather refreshing, actually. and it’s reminded me of a few things i love about what i do.

i fancy myself a portrait photographer first and foremost. it’s a remarkably difficult thing to make a portrait. i confess to failing to achieve what i set out to do on most occasions. when you’re working with adults, it’s quite difficult to get them to put down their guard and reveal something about themselves in an honest way. they’re always trying to dress it up for you. it’s not that way with kids. they don’t know they’re supposed to hide anything, to suck in or puff up.

more often than not, kids just are who they are.

meet oakley.


i first photographed oakley when he was only 6 weeks old (left) and again, a couple weeks ago (right). i love the honesty in his eyes in both these images. i love the way he seems to be waiting for an answer to a question he can’t quite ask yet.

oakley just celebrated his first birthday last month, and i had the distinct privilege of being there to capture him on the big day. doesn’t matter the emotion – they were always unreserved and honest.





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