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new I Am Second story online

Posted in campaign, filmmaking, i am second, photography, production stills by Trey on December 17, 2008

there’s a new I Am Second story up that I think is really, really powerful.


ashley. 2008.

it was her senior year of highschool and everyone in the town expected her to win the Miss Brokenbow pagent…

she had been the runner up for the previous three years and felt like she needed to do something to give her an edge. what started out as an excercise in disciplined eating – the one thing in life she felt she was good at and had control over – spiraled into an eating disorder that stayed with her for years. the harder she fought to stay in control, the more she lost it.

as i’ve said before, i was consistently amazed at people’s ability to sit in that chair and stare into the lens and unflinchingly tell their story. Ashley was no different. i think it takes a deep sense of being healed to be able to do what these people did.

here in Dallas, there is an I Am Second commercial playing – a montage of people talking about their issues; in it, Ashley has a single soundbite about her inability to have a normal relationship with food and, according to a recent entry on the IAS blog, they have received more calls from people wanting to know about her story than any other. if you or someone you know has ever battled to maintain a normal relationship with food or with the need for have control in any area of life, you really need to watch and share this story.


ashley telling her story.


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