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my new portfolio is online

Posted in photography, portfolio, random by Trey on December 12, 2008

on Sunday i’ll be taking part in my first marathon. surely it can’t be a difficult as the 20-ish hour exercise i’m just wrapping up (at a very crisp 3:50 am CST). i have somewhere in the ballpark of 80,000 images that i have taken in the last few years and in the last 48 hours, i’ve put my eyes on darn near every single one and in the process whittled the massive collection down to a very tight 90 frames in 8 collections.


as i mentioned earlier today (or is that now yesterday), i’m gearing up to bring my trusty website down for a few weeks as I rework it entirely with the help of my great friend and web design genius, Steve Durman. on the other side of this grand adventure, i hope that the experience gets better for those wayward souls who crash upon my shores.

please take a few minutes to browse through the portfolio and, if you’re so inclined, leave me a note here about what you think.


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