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one freaking great night

Posted in celebrity, events, personal by Trey on October 20, 2008

a couple weeks ago, i had the great pleasure of producing the Dallas Stars Season Seat Holder event. twelve photographers, at 12 photo stations all around the American Airlines Center. now that everything has been delivered and the website i built is running smoothly, i thought i’d take a minute to share some of my favorite moments and images from the night.

my dude with Turco (35) & Stephan (31) by Stephen Dux

not only was it awesome for me to work with the greatest team in hockey (although struggling to show that greatness at the moment), it brought me almost tear inducing joy to watch Brendan as he stood next to Turco, chatted with Modano & Lehtinen and high fived Morrow. it was the kind of good that you have to use tonal languages to express.

and, judging by some of the images, i think most of the season seat holders had an equally good time.

by Wade Griffith

by Tiffany Todd

by Gerry McCarthy
you can see all the images from the evening by clicking here.


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