Trey Hill Photographs

second hand

Posted in campaign, celebrity, i am second, personal by Trey on September 15, 2008

i’ve mentioned this big project that i’ve been working on for the last couple of months. this is an image i grabbed while waiting for our subject, a local baseball star, to arrive.

tie them as symbols on your hands

interesting hands have become a theme I’ve been exploring during the project –

we’ve seen wise hands and generous hands, hands adorned with super bowl rings and burn scars; young, uncalloused hands and the hands of war heroes; hands that have hurt and hands that have healed; there are such incredible stories written in the hands of men.

all i can say is it has been beyond inspiring to sit and listen to the stories of what these hands have done and who they have touched. i can’t wait to share the full project with you in a couple months.


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