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Posted in kids by Trey on September 25, 2008

last year i did portraits of Noah for his first birthday and the session yielded one of my favorite images – the b&w image that marks the family gallery on my website.

noah, age 2.

you can see a couple more images from the session after the jump.



the upcoming campaign

Posted in campaign, commercial, i am second by Trey on September 16, 2008

i just put up a story on the DME blog about one of the IAS I Am Second subjects; i think it’s worth a read if you have a few minutes. the campaign is officially launching in November December, and we’ve been working like mad to get the 30 some-odd short films cut.

we have another shoot on Friday that should be interesting.

these are a few of Blake’s behind the scenes images.

blake shares his story.

more photos after the jump.


second hand

Posted in campaign, celebrity, i am second, personal by Trey on September 15, 2008

i’ve mentioned this big project that i’ve been working on for the last couple of months. this is an image i grabbed while waiting for our subject, a local baseball star, to arrive.

tie them as symbols on your hands

interesting hands have become a theme I’ve been exploring during the project –


first day of school

Posted in kids, personal by Trey on September 9, 2008

Kasey, Patrick and the value of a second photographer

Posted in brides, wedding by Trey on September 7, 2008

vernon gets low.

a few weeks ago i did a wedding up in Denton at Denton Bible Church with the incomparable Vernon Bryant. as i was considering how to take 500 images and make a story that was digestable on the blog, it occured to me that there were a few things i’d taken for granted about having that second perspecitve at a wedding.


holding on

Posted in personal by Trey on September 5, 2008

sometimes the light’s just right and the only thing you have is your phone, but i couldn’t help myself. i just needed to hold on to this image of that face in beautiful light, because i know it won’t be this way forever. in fact, this whole season of life is slipping away much quicker than i’d like it to.

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the shoe from Peru, part 2

Posted in 15x100 by Trey on September 1, 2008

you may recall my post a couple weeks ago about that little shoe from South America… well, the mighty Struan has put up a cool little teaser video on the 15x blog in anticipation of the official shoe from Peru microsite that’s launching later this month.

if you have fifty four seconds, you won’t be disappointed. promise.

adam & stephanie

Posted in wedding by Trey on September 1, 2008

several weeks ago i had the opportunity to photograph Adam & Stephanie’s wedding in Memphis; it was an incredible weekend.

because of who this couple is – the strength of their character, their love for Jesus and their unwavering heart for others – it was one of the most enjoyable weddings i’ve ever attended. i was privileged to be there with my camera.

last image of the day

as i was going through the images (which you can find by clicking here) i was struck by some of the quieter moments; these are the kinds of images i always gravitate to, but never have the opportunity to feature. since it’s always tough to distill an event like this down to just a few images for the blog, i thought this mini theme seemed appropriate.

more images after the jump.