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good things happen on rainy days

Posted in personal by Trey on August 12, 2008


from here to there and back again

Posted in personal by Trey on August 11, 2008

i rode in the back seat as our rental car hurtled toward the Golden Gate bridge, a copy of Ultramarathon Man open in my lap. i was a couple months from closing out my twenties; this had to be in response to facing the death of my youth.

um, what exactly am i doing here?

Dean’s shoes from Badwater.

i couldn’t help feeling like this was all going to be a big mistake.



Posted in kids, personal by Trey on August 8, 2008

these images are part of an upcoming 15×100 project on this numerically significant day.

08.08.08 @ 8:08 am

08.08.08 @ 8:08 pm