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the marlboro man

Posted in graduates by Trey on July 23, 2008

i feel like i’ve been going 400 miles\hour the last couple months.

the marlboro man.

i’m doing portraits and some behind the scenes photography for a campaign that is supposed to launch this fall. it’s a project that resonates with me on several levels, both personally and professionally, and it’s given me the opportunity to photograph some really great people and hear some insanely great stories. i can’t wait until it launches, because i’m really, really excited about being a part of it.

the other great thing about this job is it has forced me to grow as a photographer; i’ve dealt quite a bit with off camera lighting and i’m trying to incorporate what i’m learning on set in controlled environments into my other portrait work.

that’s where the marlboro man comes in.

we used to live up in Frisco & as i’d drive to work there was this spot that i always wanted to go explore because i thought it would be a cool location for a portrait session. when Michael started talking about what he wanted for his graduation portraits, this place popped back into my head.

there’s this old abandoned barn off Legacy – an entropic artpiece, really. so, with an inspiring location & willing subject, i attempted to create images using off camera lighting. the experience has changed me; i’m not entirely sure i’ll be doing portraits without it.

michael brough a few props, including that skull hanging on the wall.

his grandfather’s antique shotgun.

you can see all the images from Michael’s session over at my website. Here’s the link.


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