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one of my images finds a pretty cool home

Posted in celebrity, tear sheets by Trey on July 31, 2008

a while back i had the opportunity to photograph a very popular American Idol Jason Castro for that campaign that launches this fall I Am Second. well, he’s decided to use one of the behind-the-scenes images from that session as the placeholder on his website.

he wanted a design that really captured his laid back, new hippie persona. i think Kevin’s design smashed it out of the park; setting the whole thing in a weathered vinyl record sleeve was pure genius.

give the link above a click and get a better look and, hey, if you’re a fan sign up for his mailing list.


quick trip to NASCAR country

Posted in celebrity, travel diary by Trey on July 28, 2008

Sam and I flew to Charlotte today to shoot Joe Gibbs at his racing teams facility.


Now, I’m not a huge NASCAR fan, but, as a car guy, there was something pretty magical about walking through their shop. I didn’t count how many cars I saw but around every corner there were fully built cars and bare metal chassis, fresh rubber and scuffs, transmissions and exhaust systems. It was awesome.

The shoot went well; although things weren’t the same without Scott and Lan. We had just over an hour with coach Gibbs and he stood on my set for less than five minutes, but they were a good five minutes – again, I can’t wait until this campaign launches so I can share some of the neat things I’ve had the privelidge to photograph.

the shoe from Peru

Posted in 15x100, personal by Trey on July 26, 2008

as i’ve written about in the past, i’m part of a new photography collective called 15×100. one of our first projects is to photograph an abandoned shoe that originated in Lima, Peru. it came to me by way of Argentina and after doing a tour of the States, the shoe will head to Europe (and Asia, i think).

i’m looking forward to photographing the shoe, but not to unwraping that beautiful little package.

the birth of a photo assistant

Posted in personal, production stills by Trey on July 25, 2008

i’ve been working all week on images from this campaign that’s launching in the fall. as an aside, i’m not trying to be all secretive – i put up a few images and talked about the campaign on here a month or two ago and it didn’t go over well with the client. so, until it launches, i’m not talking about it by name.

anyway, we shoot a piece of the campaign on white cyc & while we wait on our subjects, my assistant (a great friend from college) keeps me entertained. the other day, i said, “hey Lan, go stand over there and make me laugh.”

he didn’t disappoint.

click the image, it looks better large.

the marlboro man

Posted in graduates by Trey on July 23, 2008

i feel like i’ve been going 400 miles\hour the last couple months.

the marlboro man.

i’m doing portraits and some behind the scenes photography for a campaign that is supposed to launch this fall. it’s a project that resonates with me on several levels, both personally and professionally, and it’s given me the opportunity to photograph some really great people and hear some insanely great stories. i can’t wait until it launches, because i’m really, really excited about being a part of it.

the other great thing about this job is it has forced me to grow as a photographer; i’ve dealt quite a bit with off camera lighting and i’m trying to incorporate what i’m learning on set in controlled environments into my other portrait work.

that’s where the marlboro man comes in.

we used to live up in Frisco & as i’d drive to work there was this spot that i always wanted to go explore because i thought it would be a cool location for a portrait session. when Michael started talking about what he wanted for his graduation portraits, this place popped back into my head.


Testing the WordPress App for iPhone

Posted in tests by Trey on July 23, 2008

WordPress has launched an app for iPhone that is available through the app store.

I just wanted to test it out.

Attempt one put a post in my Local Folder and then the app crashed. Curious.

Can’t figure out how to actually publish the post. Also curious

Update: Lookie, there. Got it! And I can add images from my phones library. Cool.


from my recent trip to Memphis. shot with my iPhone.

my sweet, sweet nephew

Posted in kids, personal by Trey on July 18, 2008

meet baby reed; his mom is Jessica, who you may remember from a post from a few months ago.


happy birthday bear

Posted in personal by Trey on July 8, 2008

today is my daughter’s birthday! she’s three. it seems like only yesterday that we were here:

bottle rockets

Posted in personal by Trey on July 6, 2008

hope you had a great holiday weekend. my stunning bride and I decided we really like having the 4th on a Friday; three-day weekends are just awesome. the weekend was jam packed with good people and great food. we spent Friday with my friend Scott’s family & the rest of the DME crew out at the Mayo Ranch in Athens.

one word – spectacular.

beyond the levee.


happy 4th of July

Posted in personal by Trey on July 3, 2008

my town kicked off the festivities a day early. this was the view from my front yard.

baby feet

Posted in kids by Trey on July 3, 2008