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production stills from a music video

Posted in Uncategorized by Trey on June 24, 2008

i’ve had a lot going on recently. several great sessions and there are more on the way along with several weddings… summer is already getting crazy.

at the end of last month Sam & Scott shot a music video with Cassie LaBeau, from American Idol season 3 – I was on set as data wrangler and still photographer (actually a very enjoyable combo). i’m sure we’ll get around to posting the finished video on the DME blog after it debuts for our client, until then you’ll just have to trust me that it came out awesome.

we wanted to get some production stills online for the crew who were terrific, so this job snuck to the top of the heap; here’s a few of my favorites from our day on set:

slates are very cool.

todd, our best boy, rocking the mic like a vandal.

killer sets courtesy of the incomparable elizabeth beck.

cassie and that ring light were a great combination.

that’s a look of pure joy.

are you kidding me?

that’s not all. there are fifty some odd more over on the DME website; here’s the link. to those who care about the more technical side of things, i’m going to do up a post on just how cool Adobe Lightroom is very soon with a walk through of it’s web tool. i’ve been using Lightroom since Beta 3, but only just dug into the web feature.


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