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thank you very much.

Posted in personal, production stills by Trey on June 27, 2008

well the test went off yesterday without too many hitches. once we got up & rolling it was a ton of fun. Jason, Robin, Mike & Lan – you are all very awesome. I really appreciate the help & I’m excited about what we got yesterday! also, a big thanks to Zack Arias who was a tremendous help without even knowing it.

if i can, i’ll post a link to all the great stuff we got as soon as they’re online.

and, as always, there’s more after the jump.

a tribute to Mr. Arias; props to him



featured on the JPG blog

Posted in personal by Trey on June 25, 2008


wow, this is a week late, but i just found out yesterday when i was cleaning out the ‘ol RSS feeds; JPG included one of my images on their blog.


sadie grace

Posted in families, kids, personal by Trey on June 25, 2008

i’ve been friends with her dad for more than 15 years; that practically makes me her uncle. these images are from a recent visit and not a session, but there are a few more here.

megan & adam

Posted in couples by Trey on June 24, 2008

you can see the full set from Megan & Adams session here.

production stills from a music video

Posted in Uncategorized by Trey on June 24, 2008

i’ve had a lot going on recently. several great sessions and there are more on the way along with several weddings… summer is already getting crazy.

at the end of last month Sam & Scott shot a music video with Cassie LaBeau, from American Idol season 3 – I was on set as data wrangler and still photographer (actually a very enjoyable combo). i’m sure we’ll get around to posting the finished video on the DME blog after it debuts for our client, until then you’ll just have to trust me that it came out awesome.

we wanted to get some production stills online for the crew who were terrific, so this job snuck to the top of the heap; here’s a few of my favorites from our day on set:

slates are very cool.


models needed

Posted in tests by Trey on June 24, 2008

I am doing a test this Thursday, June 26th and could use your help. We are looking for people with interesting faces and expressive eyes to stand in while we experiment with different uses of white cyc lighting for an upcoming job. If you or a friend, relative, neighbor, student, client, teacher, co-worker, girlfriend\boyfriend, spouse, cousin, boss, employee (pretty much anyone you can think of) fits that description, let me know. Because this is a test, I am looking for adults only.

We shouldn’t need anyone for longer than an hour and a half and I’ll try my best to be respectful of your time.  In return for your help, you will receive a CD full of killer images from the shoot for you to do with as you wish.

If you are interested or have any questions, please respond to this email me at trey at squarerootofnine dot com.

I hope to hear from you.

google’s greatest photojournalist

Posted in personal by Trey on June 16, 2008

sometimes when you ask Google a question, the answers show you just how small a world we live in. i was looking for some images by the worlds great photojournalists and the very first result was a 2005 interview with a good friend of mine – photojournalist extraordinaire, Rick Gershon.

this should do wonders for his self esteem problem.

megan & adam

Posted in couples by Trey on June 14, 2008

i met megan & adam a few months ago at a birthday party for my friend John. she’s a TCK from Bangladesh. he’s a seminary student at DTS. and these beautiful glass bangles were his engagement gift to her.

these bangles carry a ton of meaning in Megan’s culture – red is the traditional wedding color & glass is a symbol of fragility. the tradition goes that when the last of the bangles breaks, the honeymoon is over.


Call for entries at

Posted in contests, personal by Trey on June 13, 2008

there’s a new wedding photography contest on the block… i haven’t entered that many contests, but want to make an effort to enter at least one contest a quarter going forward; this looks like the next one in my queue.

WedComp is being sponsored by a crap-load of great companies and gets the full support of my photographic leader, Zack Arias – the man behind OneLight. consider this all the incentive you need to enter.

look for a follow up post that has my entries.

boy oh boy oh boy

Posted in families, kids by Trey on June 10, 2008

you may remember Jeni from several weeks ago. well, she had her baby. then two days later her sister-in-law had her baby & the day after that her other sister-in-law had her baby.

three boys – the first three grandsons – all born within about 60 hours of eachother.


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featured on the 15×100 blog

Posted in personal by Trey on June 5, 2008

with the roll out of 15×100, Struan Oglanby (the brains behind the madness) is featuring a member every day on the 15xblog. yesterday was my day.

check it out.

like a U2 video is an image from my 15×100 gallery.

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Robin & Joel

Posted in couples by Trey on June 2, 2008

at a very long last, i finished their session and their proofing gallery is online.

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Posted in Uncategorized by Trey on June 1, 2008

several months ago i was invited to join a new and pretty unique collection of photographers called 15×100. the concept is 15 images by 100 photographers, a group endeavoring to offer 100 perspectives.

today, the website launches.

there are some amazing images by some very talented people on the site. if you have a few minutes, check it out and leave a comment here letting me know what you think.