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how one week turned into two

Posted in filmmaking, personal by Trey on May 13, 2008

well, my trip to Canada went off (nearly) flawlessly. it was a great time & you can see some of my travels in the post before this one. i just started going through the images yesterday… i couldn’t be more pleased and only hope that Multi-Chem feels the same way.

as an aside, here is one of the amazing things i got to stare at on my trip.

i’ve done very little processing to this image, actually. i can’t wait to find some time to revisit it (and the couple hundred others) for more than a few minutes.

as beautiful as it was up there, coming home was even better. i’ve never felt so loved as when my family pulled in the driveway minutes after i got home; Brendan hasn’t stopped needing daddy.

last week, i finally began editing a documentary that i’ve been waiting on since the fall. i’m not sure i truly appreciated the emotional scope & power of this story until the producer (Eric Geadelmann) and i really dug into it. working on a story would have been fantastic, but to work on this story is indescribable.

i’m not sure how much i can\should share about the project at this point, but when the time is right, i’ll share more.


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