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making pictures & telling stories in Canada

Posted in filmmaking, production stills by Trey on May 22, 2008

as i mentioned in an earlier post, i spent a week in Canada doing some custom photography for a production chemical company. same deal, basically as the Houston trip – i was alongside two good friends that were working on a brand film for the company.

you mix production gear with great scenery and you pretty much end up with a glut of production stills; showing some restraint was difficult, for sure.

scott & bob up on a ladder*.


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robin & joel

Posted in couples by Trey on May 20, 2008

late last year i donated a portrait session to an organization called Family Legacy as a silent auction item. robin & joel were the recipients of that session. we’ve been talking about getting together for this session since December and a few weeks ago, it finally happened.

they were such a fun couple to spend the day with. we started in wedding attire to celebrate their 1 year anniversary and then went to a few of my favorite spots near downtown.

i’m not quite finished with the images, but wanted to share a few that i’m really enjoying – and this time, the sneak peek has a theme.

here’s to one of my favorite things in the whole world – the kiss.

this was the church they got married in just a year earlier. i loved the stained glass.


worst travel day in history

Posted in travel diary by Trey on May 16, 2008

i headed to DFW airport at 6am on Wednesday; it was already raining. the night before, i’d promised my son i would be home in time to give him a kiss. no problem, right? i mean, my flight was supposed to touch down in DFW at 10:05.

little did i know, i was headed toward the worst travel day in history. check out the full story in my latest travel diary.

how one week turned into two

Posted in filmmaking, personal by Trey on May 13, 2008

well, my trip to Canada went off (nearly) flawlessly. it was a great time & you can see some of my travels in the post before this one. i just started going through the images yesterday… i couldn’t be more pleased and only hope that Multi-Chem feels the same way.

as an aside, here is one of the amazing things i got to stare at on my trip.

i’ve done very little processing to this image, actually. i can’t wait to find some time to revisit it (and the couple hundred others) for more than a few minutes.

as beautiful as it was up there, coming home was even better. i’ve never felt so loved as when my family pulled in the driveway minutes after i got home; Brendan hasn’t stopped needing daddy.

last week, i finally began editing a documentary that i’ve been waiting on since the fall. i’m not sure i truly appreciated the emotional scope & power of this story until the producer (Eric Geadelmann) and i really dug into it. working on a story would have been fantastic, but to work on this story is indescribable.

i’m not sure how much i can\should share about the project at this point, but when the time is right, i’ll share more.

my Alberta travel diary

Posted in travel diary by Trey on May 5, 2008

well, i made it back safely. there were moments of sheer bliss and long stretches of sleeplessness, but all things told, this was a very successful trip.

whenever i go out of town i like to keep a visual travel diary for my family. you can see all of those images here.

my friend Scott, works his Vericam from atop our rental. he’s wearing coveralls (an outfit he affectionately referred to as his Telletubbie suit).

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