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a sneak peak at this weekends session

Posted in couples, expecting by Trey on April 7, 2008

i really enjoy making portraits. i mean, i really, really like it. i enjoy spending time with people, learning about them and finding a way to capture the essence of who they are. before the day ever arrives, i spend alot of time considering locations and looking at images from photographers i love for inspiration, but the ancillary details aren’t my primary focus.

the most important thing, in my opinion, is a great story.

Jeni & Jessica have a great story.

they’ve been best friends since the 6th grade, their husbands are now friends and they’re both pregnant – the due dates only a couple days apart. when Jessica told me they wanted to do their sessions together, i thought it was a brilliant idea.

as i thought about the phase of life they’re in, i kept coming back to the notion of young love; being newly married and expecting a child, it’s a really romantic time. i didn’t want that idea to get lost, so i picked a spot i’d normally take engaged couples.

i was really excited about the images we got.

Jason & Jessica

young love

Jeni & Ben


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  1. jeni & ben « trey hill photographs said, on April 22, 2008 at 9:42 am

    […] & ben a couple posts back i wrote about how i had the great pleasure of photographing Jeni and Jessica, both are 7 and a half […]

  2. […] my sweet, sweet nephew meet baby reed; his mom is Jessica, who you may remember from a post from a few months ago. […]

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